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Common mistakes people make when choosing shutters

choosing shutters

With some brands you don’t get what you pay for – once the shutters have been installed many discover they’re stuck with a cheaply made product that isn’t worth the small initial saving. Consider these issues:

  • The expertise and accuracy of the measure and quality of the fitting are critical to the look and long term success of the installed shutters.
  • A shutter with the word “wood” could be anything from cardboard and glue to polystyrene. OPEN use premium Canadian, great-western-red cedar.
  • Mass produced shutters in standard sizes suffer from spacing strips, infills, or frames cut to fit, with inferior visual results. OPEN shutters are custom made.
  • Check your quote for details. Beware words like “fixed panels”, this may mean you can’t open the shutter panel to clean a window.
  • Beware of claims not backed by facts. Ask to see proof: Do they have awards?, Customer references?, A factory you can see? Who stands behind any warranty?
  • No need to settle for tilt rods running down the centre of the blades, (connectors are a future weak spot). Choose OPEN concealed or semi-concealed instead.
  • What does your quote cover? With some brands even hinges are extra.
  • Ease of use and ongoing shutter functionality is affected by the quality of hardware. OPEN offer precision tracking and high grade fittings.

Shutters are for life if chosen wisely. It makes sense to include OPEN in your renovation budget when financing, rather than the false saving of buying cheap.